Some Facts About Me

Creativity, Thoroughness, Getting Things Done.

My proprietary design methodology drives JW3D’s interdisciplinary services. It reduces the risk of failure and removes design subjectivity, bias, guesswork, and the angst often experienced in creating differentiation in Product, 3D Packaging, and Sustainable design. My available services enable exciting, consumer-preferred, and feasible brand design solutions. Being creative, being thorough, and getting things done is what I do.



The selection of industrial design projects assembled below illustrates the vastness of brands, categories, industries, and the scope of the magnitude of work I’ve done. I managed every program and was responsible for the industrial design creative and technical output, branding and consumer strategy, development, research (most of the time), operational and manufacturing integration, graphic design application, and project management. I thrive on challenge. I get things done. That’s who I am and what I do.

Concept - Realization


I work closely with outside Intellectual Property attorneys and client legal teams to assist in submitting all necessary background strategies, design intent, and drawings for all my Design and Utility patents and trademark applications. It’s an honor the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and other jurisdictions around the world approved my ownable solutions to designate me as an inventor on over 230 patents worldwide.

My Reviews

My Reviews